Thompsons Surplus - Sheffield

If you're a Cadet or a CFAV then Thompsons Surplus is the shop for you. As a CFAV myself I believe that both Cadets and CFAV's should get the kit they have to purchase themselves, at a good price and with good service. That's why here at TS, we offer a parade night visiting service, we will come down for an hour or two on one of your parade nights and kit out your Cadets with whatever they want.

How much is it for us to come down?

Absolutely Free, all we ask is you have a small number of definite sales to cover travel costs.

Are you a cadet? or a CFAV?


Free fitting service in store or on visit

We offer a full fitting service to ensure that new MTP fits and those new shoes fit well. It doesn't matter if your in store or on one of our visits. Plus if you buy online and they don't fit, just post them back and we will send a new size.


Cadet discount?

We know its an expense to buy the latest thing and that parents are usually the ones footing the bill, as for CFAV's I know we do because we love it but that doesn't mean it should cost a lot for us either, that's why we do offer reduced prices to you just see us on one of our night visits or pop in store with your Cadet ID and we will give you the best value.