Thompsons Surplus - Sheffield

MTP - Multi-Terrain Pattern

The latest uniformed issued to HM Forces, we have surplus items in stock of Smocks, Jackets and Trousers. We stock the best range we can this is why when we receive the stock it is checked to make sure it is serviceable and all our stock is at least Grade 1 if not new. Check out our Items below, for the sizes check out the sizing page on the left hand side.

MTP Trousers

Trousers come in alot of varied types and sizes these are best ordered online if you know you're size in military sizing or come to the shop to try them on for the best fit.

Trouser types are:

Temperate, warm weather, tropical and windproof. we can't hold every size of them all in stock as our stock is subject to what we recieve from the suppliers but if you require a specific type and size then let us know and we can custom source the product for you.

Our Price £20.00

MTP Combat Jacket (With Plates)

This price includes Plates for the jacket but if you don't need them then we can provide just the jacket for less.

Our Price £18.00

No plates required? £15.00

MTP Windproof Smock

Smocks in stock maybe Gen I or II, this depends if they have the blanking sleeve patches or not.

Our Price £35.00

Blanking Patches Set

Patches used on the sleeves of Gen2 smocks, combat jacket(shirt) and UBACS.

These are sold separately and are limited in stock due to supply issues.

Our Price £3.00

Builder, Mechanic etc? 

Limited sizes Grade 2 MTP in stock ideal for manual work or where getting them muddy or stained is a occupational hazard. 

Grade 2 MTP is priced at £15 for a smock, £5 for trousers and £5 for shirts call us now for details and to check our sizes we have in stock.

Grade 2 may feature small rips, stains or slight dis function of the zip or pocket button etc. This makes it unusable by our military customers so we offer it at a great price to those for whom the damage isn't a problem for still quality military grade clothing.
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