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Cadet/MOD Discount available on these shoes

Parade Shoes


Here at Thompson's Surplus we try our best to balance budget with quality. The same is true for our parade shoes, Grade 1 issued shoes are perfect as they come straight from the military.

These shoes are as issued and appear in different condition but the ones we sell are the best we can find and can be easily polished up to that military standard shine.

We en devour to stock all sizes but since they are surplus it is out of our control. We currently have sizes , 9-11 and some 12/13. We are striving to get all sizes.

Our Price: Grade 1: £15.00

                   New : £20.00 


We have found an alternative to Grade 1 parade shoes from one of our suppliers. Due to the difficulty in getting sizes we have searched for an alternative for our customers.

These shoes are made for cadets by our supplier to match the MOD design. They are leather with the separate toecap. 

These shoes are available in sizes 3 - 14.

We aim to keep sizes 3-7 in stock, others can be ordered.

Our Price: £28.00

Female parade shoes available for £25.00